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Tech Tour

Explore the startup nation - your way

Startup Nation

Are you ready to see the Startup Nation in Action?

We can take you there. It’s your team for you and your team to explore the thriving ecosystems of Tel-Aviv,

Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheva and more, from north to south. See and learn all about the latest developments

and advanced technologies in various fields, from Agritech to AdTech, while visiting the most innovative startups

in Israel Network with local startups, scaleups, community managers and industry leaders.

Meet with top-tier VCs, private equities, angel investors, municipal and government officials,

and policymakers. Visit the biggest tech companies and R&Ds in Israel and learn all about entrepreneurship,

starting a company, raising money and building a startup community - The Israeli way

Israeli Industries


Every year, hundreds of startups are opened in Israel.

Some make it, some don’t, and some make it BIG! Explore

your favorite companies like the website builder Wix, Freelance marketplace Fiverr and the content marketing platforms

Taboola and Outbrain, storytelling platform Playbuzz or brilliant AdTech startups like IronSource and AppsFlyer.

Witness the next big exit right before it happens

World Famous Scale-Ups

World Famous Scale-Ups

There’s no need to introduce you to the Israeli

cyber-security industry, right? With huge companies like

Checkpoint and CyberArk, or promising scale-ups

like Cybereason, Riskified and Forter, everyone is coming to

Israel to learn all about fraud detection,

threat prevention, and computer protection

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Agriculture Technology is an evergrowing field since the invention of the water irrigation system by Netafim back in the sixties. 50 years later,

more than 500 Israeli companies are rocking the Agritech and Cleantech industries all over the world with innovative robots and drones, aquaculture technologies, mapping tools, smart farming, biotech and more. Add to that the dozens

of companies developing breakthrough and life-changing water technologies like Lishtot, Watergen and TaKaDu. Time to see where the world is flowing

Agritech and Water Technologies

Agritech and Water Technologies

When people hear “automotive” or “autonomous cars”, they automatically think about Mobileye, but Mobileye (Acquired by Intel for $15 billion) is just the beginning of it. Israeli startups

are experts in developing cutting-edge car technologies:

Teach a car to see with Foresight or Innoviz, teach it how

to communicate with Autotalks. Car industry aside,

Israel also developed amazing startups with millions of users

like Gett, Moovit or Waze (Acquired by Google)



Ever since Intel’s EPROM chip was invented here in

Israel back in the 70’s, Israel has been on the map

when it comes to manufacturing semiconductors.

The development of the 8088 processor, the printing on

a chip and even the Disk-On-Key, all made Israel world

leaders in the field. With dozens of public companies like

CEVA, Mellanox, Orbotech and others, your tour will be

undoubtedly enriching and unforgettable



and that’s only the beginning!

If you’re looking for a specific field or startup, Israel Tech Tour will take you there!

Explore Israel’s

top tech and startups ecosystems

Tel Aviv

Ranked #6 “Best Startups Ecosystems

in the World”,  Tel Aviv is the startup capital of Israel, where third of the Israeli startups (about 2000 startups) are located.

Home of large multinationals and hosts

all the major tech events in Israel 

shutterstock_733281703 Haifa2.jpg


The northern port city, where the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and Haifa University are located, is the home for more than 200 startups and a magnet

for multinationals like Microsoft, Apple, Qualcomm, GE and more

shutterstock_259636742 - Jeruslam.jpg


Second biggest tech ecosystem in Israel, with over 500 startups and companies, multinationals and daily meetups and tech events. Focus on Health & Life Sciences,

Big Data and became a major hub

for Computer Vision thanks

and dozens of other cities, hubs, and tech-driven locations

all across the country, tailored for your needs

Tech Tours in Israel
Tech Tours in Israel
Tech Tours in Israel

Tailor-made business trip

Let us know  where you want to visit, whom would like you to meet and what

is the goal of your trip. We’ll do the rest

Personal Care

Personal care, since the

arrival till the departure

Top Experts

Led by top experts in the

field with connections all

across Israel

Tech Tours in Israel
Tech Tours in Israel

Shape the future

We can help you shape the future

of your company - Find an investment, find the most promising startups to

invest in, find cutting-edge products

for your business or meet with

Israel’s policymakers


Connecting you anywhere, from multinationals to smaller startups, to hubs and accelerators, we can get you and the team wherever you like

Who are we

IsraelTechTour is a new operation by team members from GKI Group 

One of Israel’ top private companies for growing ecosystems and helping

the startup community. GKI Group is the founder of the Israeli Startup Lobby,

working closely with MKs to support the local startups, and in the past two years

built strong business connections with municipalities and key members

of leading ecosystems, in Israel and abroad. GKI Group was founded in 2012

by angel investor and entrepreneur Gal Kalkshtein, and the group

is led since 2015 by the CEO, Lital Kalkshtein

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